MySQL Stored Functions

November 27, 2021

Table of Contents

What are Stored Functions in MySQL?

Stored Functions, as the Stored Procedures described in the previous post, are also routines that are saved inside your database. On a Stored Function you can write instructions to perform operations on your data.

Create a Stored Function

To create a Stored Function we start by changing the default delimiter (the semicolon) so that we can use it on our code.
The function is created with the CREATE FUNCTION instruction as shown in the following code:

delimiter //

create function my_func(qty int) returns varchar(9)
    declare stock varchar(9);
    if qty > 2 then
        set stock = 'In Stock';
        set stock = 'Low Stock';
    end if;
    return stock;
end //

delimiter ;

Inside the BEGIN and END statements, we will put our code.

Use a Stored Function

A Stored Function can be used as any built-in function defined in MySQL. That means that you will use the Stored Function in you sql queries:

select products.*, my_func(quantity) from products

Drop a Stored Function

When you no longer need a Stored Function you can delete it with the DROP FUNCTION instruction.

drop function my_func;